See Parties Happening Near You

GetLit makes your night out with friends as fun as possible. We show you parties happening in your city or those just for your school.

Book Party Essentials Easily

The GetLit app brings together everything you need to host epic parties. Easily find rated Venues, DJs, Bartenders, and Security to find the best accommodations for your event.

Share Your Party Moments

With the Moments feature, you can take short videos of parties and share them with your friends or people near you. With the Live function you can peek into parties currently happening in your city before going.

Find and Host Parties

GetLit is a true All-In-One platform with many features to find, plan, and host.

Host Parties Easily

GetLit streamlines the party planning process, making it accessible to everyone on an all inclusive social platform.

Rating System

Profiles can be rated so you always know if your host will give you a good party or if that venue you want to book is as great as it looks.

See Parties Near You

Easily look at your feed to see what’s happening near your city or school.

Share Your Moments

Easily record moments while at parties and share with your followers. Peek into the live section to see parties happening near you.

Get Paid Easily

GetLit has an integrated payment system so hosts get their money fast and partygoers can get entry easily.

Book More Clients

List your Venue or Services (DJs, Bartenders, and Security) and reach people who are looking for you.

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